Artist, activist, adventurer, ambassador, astrologer, actor… esotericist, environmentalist, experientialist, Earth-worshipper, evangelist, engineer… priest, physicist, philosopher, poet, pundit, pedant… there are many words that might be applied to me with some degree of accuracy. If you want to know who and what I am, your best bet is to talk to me or read what I write.

In the short form, however… I’m an ex-pat from the Isles living in the US with my best friend and two cats. I’m an art student at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies, pursuing my BFA with a deep interest in intermedia work. I am one of those rare creatures that grew up Pagan, have been a practising Wiccan since 1988 and answered a long-standing call to service by becoming a priest of Crossroads Tabernacle Church, an ATC affiliate Wiccan church in Southeast Michigan. I also teach, cook, bake, do home canning, knit, make jewelry, and otherwise potter around.

I strive to make art and spirituality part of my daily life, and this blog is part of my exploration of the intersection of the two.  Thank you for joining me on this journey!

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